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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  April 21, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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funniest ensemble on tv. i'm glad people are enjoying it. >> all i can say, you've given me renewed confidence to run around new york and ask people insane questions. catch new episodes of "billy on the streets" on wednesdays on fuse. that is all for me now, i'll see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. "the ed show ""is up next. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from miami, florida, i'm ready to go! let's get to work. well, the keystone exxon pipeline decision has been delayed. >> of course, it was about politics. it's all about politics. >> you can make that decision carefully and does factor in politics. >> it's purely a political
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thing. >> this is all about politics. >> this is not about delay, it's about closing the project. do dollars and donors play role in all of this? >> we also have the question of money. >> a little kabala administrators are advocating against it. >> this is a triumph of half-baked politics and cash over sound leadership and energy policy. >> energy dependence. >> i think says that stupid move. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. well, the reaction over the weekend bit conservatives and the right wing on the delay of the keystone exxon pipeline, predictable, as expected and all wrong. president obama is moving in the right direction on the keystone exxon pipeline. there's no need to rush. there's legal stuff that needs to be worked out. on friday, the white house announced it's delaying the decision on the pipeline to
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allow more time for government agencies to comment. more time for the righties to stick their foot in the lake and say, hey, let's not do this. so what's the hold up, right? for them, big hold up in the middle of the country. this move has democrats and even republicans outraged. house speaker john boehner came out and called the decision shameful. karl rove waste nod time running in front of tv cameras to say, hey, i'm going to trash this decision. >> i think this is a stupid move politically for the president. now, this has been reviewed by the state department. it's been reviewed by environmental agencies. this thing is a worthwhile thing to do. there's no increase in our carbon emissions as a result of building this pipeline. if the oil doesn't come to the united states and get used in an efficient way it's going to be sent ultimately to china and used in a less efficiently way. >> wrong, wrong and more wrong. someone over at fox should tell
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karl rove that oil would be exported anyway. donald trump is also in the fray. he's out slamming the keystone delay. he said there's no reason not to move forward. >> it's a shame. it's a shame. the prime minister came out and was practically begging the united states. but you're talking about thousands and thousands of jobs. you're talking about a lot of investment. it's a positive thing and they should do it. it's actually inconceivable that this one hasn't been approved yet. i guess eventually it will be. it's dead. >> wrong, wrong, and more wrong. no it won't be thousands and thousands of jobs, mr. trump. you know, mr. trump, you've got that airplane that sitting out at the airport, why don't you fly on out to nebraska the way i did and talk to the folks and get the real story if you want to be president. i think karl rove and donald trump would have a different vuft pipeline if they actually knew what was going on in the heartland. people's land and livelihoods
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are on the line here. first a spill in aquifer could contaminate community's drinking water and do irreversible -- that would be irreversible damage. when i was nebraska, landowners told me this is the reason. it's a major threat. >> we're in a very fragile cell. and we have sand right over the aquifer. you don't have to go down very far before you start hitting that water. there's a vast amount of water right there. and in this sand and gravel mixture, if there's a crack, a leak, anything like that, it's going to get into -- into that porous material and it's going to be in that water very rapidly. we -- as a matter of fact, i really believe, in most cases, in like in terry's soil or my soil, we're going to not see any evidence of that leak for a while. aboveground. >> interesting how fox news
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never finds any of these kinds of folks to talk about. meanwhile, it's not just the republicans upset with delay. depends on who is running for office. democrats are not happy either. nebraska senator released a statement saying i'm frankly appalled by the administration on the project. senator mary landrieu of louisiana called the delay irresponsible, unnecessary will be and unacceptable. senator landreau in my opinion has no center left on the issue of the keystone exxon pipeline. it was back in march, she said the oil was the cleanest barrel of oil produced in new yororth a jt really? >> a critical piece of infrastructure that will transport safely the cleanest barrel of oil produced in north america contrary to popular belief. >> we have asked the senator's
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office to clarify that and back it up with facts. they can't respond to it. we'll get back to you. it's one of those phone calls. everyone knows that is a false statement, a flat-out lie. not one person has come out defending that totally false claim. on sunday, congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz that they have to run their own races. >> they have to talk about the races that are important to their constituents. >> well the dnc chair also said politics will have no factor that will play in the president's decision on keystone. >> as a member of congress who represents hundreds of thousands of people in south florida i want to make sure that the right decision is arrived at. and the president makes that decision carefully. >> i think the president is exactly spot on in letting this whole thing play out. there's nothing wrong with giving more time to hear both
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sides of the story from all parties involved in this. but one thing is clear. the longer this process drags out, the less likely the pipeline will be approved. here's what the timetable at this point looks like for the keystone exxon pipeline. here's what it looks like. first of all, the nebraska state supreme court will take up the case this fall. it probably won't have a ruling on the pipeline until january 2015. that, of course, would permit it through the state of nebraska and there would be more legal challenges. south dakota's permit for the pipeline, it runs out in less than 60 days on june 20th. this means they're going to have to reapply for their permit. and the folks in south dakota have a different opinion about this permit than the first permit released. there's no legal route, donald trump, do you understand that?
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president obama made the correct decision in delaying the pipeline decision. he can't circumvent law. so what are we dealing with here? it's interesting how the conservatives and the republicans and fox news, they've been banging away at president obama saying he's a dictator. he's signing all of these executive orders. he's a dictator. in fact, we've never had a president like this. yet, what they want him do is inject himself in a state premium court decision that's coming up in in nebraska. and circumvent the legal process that's out there right now. and isn't it very interesting that we're not talking about california and new york. a couple of good lefty states. we're talking about nebraska, red state. we're talking about south dakota, red state. seems to me, karl rove, you've got to go throughout and get those people on board with your agenda instead of calling the president stupid on this. the president -- this is so like president obama.
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he is going to let all the legal avenues play out before he makes a decision as to whether he's going to allow the pipeline to cross the border. it has to be permitted by every state, all the way down to the gulf. and so far, that isn't happening. president obama can wait until the cows come home. he can wait until this whole thing plays out legally. the problem is in red state nebraska, red state south dakota right now, they don't have the permits. why don't you tell the state supreme court in nebraska to hurry up. get your cell phones out, i want to know what you think. tonight's question -- do you favor the extended comment period on the keystone xl pipeline? text "a" for yes. "b" for no to 67622. the trip that we took out to nebraska, nothing's changed. not a thing. we could have been there yesterday. the people feel the exact same
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way back then several months ago when we were there as to where we are right now. and i believe a lot of this activism and a lot of this pressure has forced all of these legal actions in nebraska that the president would be the dictator that they're claiming him to be if he were to step in the process right now and say let's do it. for more, i want to bring in the founder of nextgen climate. mr. stier, great to you have on the show. you have been given the dubious distinction of being the godfather of green right now. god bless you for that. how important do you see this process, this legal process that basically is being respected by the president and the state department? where do you see this whole thing right now? >> well, i think the nebraska legal process has basically put this approval on hold. and i think that it has -- that has to be completed before the
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president can make a decision. and i think that the president has given very straightforward criteria for approving or disapproving it. but until he's in a position where there's a clear playing field, i think he's correctly decided he has to let all the information come in before he makes a decision. >> some republicans claim the delay is purely political. this morning, karl rove even used your name. here's the clip. >> one guy in california, tom st. eyer, a venture capitalist who has made a lot of money off green energy projects vows to spend $100 million to either elect democrats who support the cancellation of the keystone pipeline or denial of it. and what they want to do keep employer's money to elite democrats not democrats who come out against the project. so this is all about politics. >> tom, i'd like to you respond to that. your reaction to that comment. >> well, starting with the fact
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that he mispronounced my name twice, i think it's fair to say that car rove doesn't know me very well. in fact, almost every single word that he uttered was inaccurate and false. the fact of the matter is, we've been involved in this strictly as private citizens. strictly as if we feel it's absolutely important for the united states 0 to have the right energy policies. so his implication that we have some hidden agenda is completely false. as a matter of fact, we're here trying to stand up for the rights of individual citizens of the united states against what we think is some very bad proposals. >> people say this pipeline will not add to carbon pollution. what do you think about that? >> that is baloney. that is sheer baloney. the fact of the matter is this is very dirty oil. and the other claims that the proponents of the pipeline have made over the past years have
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one by one been disproved. as you said, donald trump's claim that it was going to create thousands and thousands of jobs. that number has shrunk by almost 95%. the fact that it was going to provide energy independence for north america. no, as a matter of fact, the pipeline goes through the united states but not to the united states. it ends up in the gulf of mexico where it can be shipped all over the world. from the beginning the proponents of the pipeline have tried to bully us and hurry us into a quick decision based on arguments that were inaccurate and flimsy. >> senator mary landrieu says the tar sands oil, quote, is the cleanest barrel of oil produced in north america. what's your response to that? >> you said that you called her office to try and get a clarification. i would not sit by the phone if i were you. >> they don't want to answer that. she doesn't want to come on the program and talk about it. they cannot scientifically back
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that up. and you recently visited the tar sands. tell us about your trip. >> well, i went up last week to go both to the center of the tar sands which is ft. mcmurray to really see the project and make sure i understood it you know, viscerally. and also to visit some of the native-americans whose traditional way of life has been impacted by it. so i really wanted to get a sense both of what it looked like, what it felt like. understand the implications of the project. and then talk to some of the people who have been there the longest. whose lifestyles are the most impacted. and who i felt had the strongest voice in describing what would happen to the land. >> i spoke with the native-americans in south dakota. those who are going to be in washington, d.c. all this week. and marching this saturday to the white house. they say that there are treaties that are being violated. that the federal government is
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circumventing these longtime treaties. what's your response to that? >> well, i am not -- no expert on the treaties you're describing. i did spend some time in canada where the treaties are extremely strong there. they're actually written into the constitution, the rights what they call the first nation's people. and up there, some of these nations which include only maybe 1200 people are fighting against the strip mining of this land and the resulting impact on their lifestyle in a real david and goliath struggle. and so, i really wanted to get a sense of exactly what they were standing up for. what was happening to them. and to see what was happening to the land so i could, you know, have my own independent judgment what was going on. >> and mr. steyer, what is your
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response of a lot of people saying this is a bottle of two wealthy titans. the koch brothers against tom steyer how do you view that? it's clear that the koch brothers are going to profit from the keystone pipeline project. >> i think the framework for this is a bunch of baloney, too. the fact of the matter, the president of the united states and the state department are making an important decision on our future. and people tend to focus on our pipeline as in we're either going to build or allow the keystone xl pipeline to go in or nothing is going to happen. and that's absolutely false. the fact of the matter is, this is a chance for the united states to move in with a much more innovative and search-based policy for to us generate in the united states of america clean energy, and produce a ton of jobs doing it. and give ourselves a chance to
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really be energy independent. and to do it in a clean way that doesn't is hurt our land. and set ourselves up for the next century, instead of going with a very dirty status quo that really isn't going to help our jobs, it's going to hurt our environment and it's going to leave us much worse off. >> and will you financially support candidates who propose the keystone xl pipeline? >> we said last week, if people go after elected officials who are doing the right thing on this, that we would stand with them and support them so that they're not worried that people are going to go after them and make their lives and their careers hell. yes, we will do that. >> okay. all right. tom steyer, it's great to have you with us. i appreciate your time. thanks for your work. let's you have back on "the ed show" again. remember to answer tonight's question on the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts on twitter. coming up, the decision on the keystone xl pipeline is delayed but ranchers and kninats
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what's hot, what's not. time for "trenders" social media action. a couple of twitter handles, @ed show and we've got ed. and 127, the progress channel monday through friday, noon to 3:00 p.m. "the ed show" social media reporting the top trenders voted on by you. >> you know how it is rockin' and rolling. >> the number three trernding, the rock 'n' roll.
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>> ready, get set -- [ whistle ] >> the first family hosts the white house annual easter egg roll. >> first lady is the host today in support of they are let's move! initiative. >> 14,000 hard-boiled eggs. >> this is the biggest event we have at the white house all year long zmrpts going to be an excellent day at the white house. >> the 16-year-old boy hitched a ride in the wheel well of a plane. >> authorities say the 16-year-old hopped a fence at the san jose airport. >> experts question the teen's stowaway sky high story. >> it was pressurized with pressure controls. >> i don't believe the kid was in the wheel well.
2:23 pm
>> the chances that someone could survive. >> it's near impossible. >> absolutely inconceivable. >> this is a first and medical science. >> and the top trender. >> -- come again? >> the republican party is desperate to make up ground with hispanic voters. rick scott ad lib targets the latino vote. >> i care about future of state. i care about our citizens. >> this governor has been fl flip-flopping on a lot of things. >> [ speaking foreign language ] . >> joining me now is annette tadeo, the democratic chair. good to have you here. there's going to be a boat load of money. a train pile of money is going to be coming into florida.
2:24 pm
is his claim true? it's in this ad trying to appeal to latino voters that he has created 540,000 jobs since his time in office. officials here are tellings that you they have created jobs. they're not quite sure of that number. how do you play to that? will this affect the latino vote? >> well, the jobs numbers is an interesting aspect because polita fact has studied the jobs he's created. remember, he promised us 700,000 jobs. already, the ad is admitting he didn't deliver on that performance. and this to that, they've been spending money to try to attract jobs which have resulted also in their jobs. that jobs number is crazy. i'm not surprised he's trying to pander to the hispanic community because our vote, is actually, in my opinion, going to decide this election. >> you believe the latino vote
2:25 pm
will decide the gubernatorial vote here in florida? >> the hispanic vote counts for 1 in 4 for florida. it's the largest in the country when it comes to percentages. over 20% of the electorate is hispanic. so it's going to be decided by hispanics, he's now trying to play [ speaking foreign language ] i don't think he's able to trick us. first of all, let's remember, he claims he knows about jobs. well, he only knows about creating jobs by stealing from medicare. from old people. so that he can become a millionaire when he did the biggest fraud in history of the united states for medicare fraud. >> so what appeals the most to hispanic voters, or latino voters here in florida? what would peel them away from charlie crist or any other democrat to go with a governor
2:26 pm
who has really turned away any type of immigration reform conversation? >> well exactly. this is the governor who actually went and said, i want to get elected so i can bring arizona-style immigration reform to florida. thank goodness, he hasn't been allowed to do that. but i will tell you he's now trying to pretend he's for hispanics but he's not. most of us are middle class, hard-working people. not stealing from the federal government to become billionaires. we actually work hard. we want our identifications educated. he took money away from education. now, he's putting money back into education, pretending that he cares about our kids' education, public education. every step of the way he actually didn't believe that dreamers should get a driver's license or that dreamers should have an opportunity to go to college. there are so many examples where this governor has not been here for us. it's not working as he says. >> he plans on running the ad in
2:27 pm
areas with big hispanic populations including miami. he's are also areas that have typically a lower democratic turnout in the polls. is this a concern for you? how's this going to work out? >> this is a major concern. we, as democrats and especially hispanics do not turn out to vote in nonpresidential years in the numbers that we do during presidential years. so we have a job ahead of its that is going to not be easy. we have to not only educate people. we're not going to have the $100 million that he's going to have. and we need to get out and let the hispanic community know in spanish, in english, in any way we can, knocking on doors, letting them know the importance how this governor has hurt us. it has hurt the hispanic community. and now he wants to pretend has been blah espanol and the whole thing and all the ads in the world. we need to make sure that people
2:28 pm
get out to vote and that this governor has been very bad for the hispanic community. >> we will come back later and talk to you. get out to vote in the hispanic community. and this election here in 2014 is so important for the general election in the state of florida in 2016. i would think that a democratic governor would make things run smoothly no doubt. annette taddeo. >> farmers, ranchers and tribal members setting up camp in d.c. and later, cardinal dolan's easter message lands him in "pretenders" tonight. and coming up on "the ed show" coming right back. ♪
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welcome back to "the ed show." love hearing from you in the viewers section. double questioning coming at you from off the bat. this one from tom. do you believe speaker boehner will act on anything for the american people other than 1%. >> that would be an absolute no. there's not going to be anything done between now and midterms in november. next question comes from john, wants to know how was your easter, ed? our easter was fantastic. i want to show you our little 6-month-old granddaughter. granddaughter number 11. wendy. gramp grampa is fired up there. were ate a big old ham. and my grandson couldn't find his easter basket. we had to get buck throughout real fast. it was a great easter. stick around "rapid response" is next. i'm courtney rage win your
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welcome back to "the ed show." pipeline fighters have taken their message to the nation's capital. on friday, u.s. state department extended the government comment period, delaying the final decision on the proposed keystone xl pipeline which we talked about earlier. now, the extension is largely
2:37 pm
because of an ongoing litigation in the state of nebraska and the nebraska state supreme court which could ultimately affect the pipeline's route. or even construction. conservatives are criticizing the delay and stirred up the controversy. >> i'm all for alternative energy, but until we come up with something that actually works and is efficient, we have to live in the real world. we're not to the point where we can have a car that runs on unicorn tears and hopes and dreams. >> and we all know those big money backers can't wait to go green, right? many residents in nebraska and people who live along the proposed route, they're not happy -- they're happy about the extension. but they know that they must stay vigilant if they're going to win this thing. the cowboy and indian alliance is a group claiming the pipeline poses tremendous risk to their land and water. it also breaks long-held treaties with native-americans. they are beginning a week's worth of activities in washington, d.c. today. they're setting up a tepee camp
2:38 pm
at the national mall and will stay there until saturday. they say president obama has an opportunity to do the right thing and take an historic step in rejecting keystone xl. i'll be out there covering the cowboys and indian alliance when they march to the national mall. of course, they're going to give the president a hand painted tepee. they want to present the president with that to let him know what their concerns are. joining me now, jane cleb of bold, nebraska who has been against the pipeline. and also dallas goldtooth, community argue organizers for the lower sioux nation. great to have you boths with tonight. jane, how much of an effect is this camp going to have on lawmakers? not only the president but lawmakers to show the support and that the native-americans have got a story to tell that really hasn't gotten a whole lot of coverage?
2:39 pm
>> you know, we think it's critical that not only congress but also the american people who are watching the show know that it's not just some fight between environmentalists and union workers. that this is a fight that not only farmers and ranchers and community members are taking on because this is our land and livelihoods that we want to pass on to generations. it's so obvious to me that congress can easily pick up the flags of other fights of the tea party but they can't pick up the file the of these communities. so we're bringing our faces and our voices right to their front door to make sure they hear us loud and clear. >> dallas, how important is this state department extension? how important is it to the cause? >> it's very important, don't get confused that the fight still goes on. this is a huge victory. we see it as a victory, as another step. washington is listening, obama is listening. people's voices are being heard across the land that the pipeline is destructive.
2:40 pm
it's not only destructive now and the future of generations coming after us. so we're looking forward to where this decision goes. i'm optimistic. we're very optimistic to what happens next. and hopefully, the next step is to look at the source of these pipeline, the tar sands. we come here to washington, d.c. to not only talk about our rights in the midwest. but also to stand in solidarity with our first nation's brothers and sisters up in the tar sands area in northern alberta. >> well, dallas, will there be treaties violated, if this pipeline goes through? do the nations stand on solid league ground to turn this around? >> i say yes. i mean, you ask do those peoples -- yes. ft. laramie treaty 1876 sets a good precedent for the relation between the sioux nations and the united states government. so just open up a history book
2:41 pm
and look at the ft. laramie treaty and you'll see the relationship that is set in legal precedence. not only in our minds as travel, but also right across the street over at the capitol. jane how big of an ally is tom s steyer going play in this? >> right now, i don't think a lot of our communities gettinging funding from tom steyer but we welcome his money but from donees across the country. we have small staff supported by small donations. so we would love to see major investors investing in grassroots on the ground to get the work done. we know our community is best. we also know how to push back against elected officials who haven't been standing with tribal communities. so i think he's critical. i think you need opinion leaders who have the president's ear, in conjunction with the grassroots.
2:42 pm
that's a winning combination. and we love his support. >> well, i want to talk more about this permitting process, jane, for south dakota. do you believe that the attitude of the landowners and the people and the visibility of this story is going to change the dynamic when it comes to repermitting, which, of course, the south dakota permit is up in less than 60 days? >> yeah, i mean, i think the landowners and the tribes up in south dakota are much more organized this time around. they were able to get some good things in the permit last time around but landowners now feel like they were swintdled by transcanada. the contract that transcanada gave them and i know the donors are going to bring this up. one thing in particular, el, transcanada is legally allowed to abandon the pipeline. when their finished with tar sands they can leave the pipeline in the ground. if the landowner wants that contamination and rusting pipe out of the ground, they have to pay for it. that's hundreds of thousands of dollars that's shifted on landowners and millions when you
2:43 pm
think about the pipeline as a whole. and canada just passed a law saying that companies are required to dig up that pipe but america hasn't. and i know that's something that tribe owners are going to push for. >> dallas, what kind of reaction are you getting while you're putting up tepees on the national mall today? i can't remember that happening in a long, long time? >> it's an amazing sight to see. i invite everyone in the area to come on down. it's just a powerful image, indeed, to see not only tepees but also there's a wagon representing the ranchers and landowners. and we come here standing in solidarity. and it's unprecedenunprecedente. the narrative is out there that cowboys and indians never got along. but it's become unheard of to see ranchers and farmers and native people across the land united on this effort to stop this pipeline. you know, i've got a couple
2:44 pm
tourists taking pictures of me. i charge them $10, you know. i got to get something out of it, you know. >> you got to pay it -- >> i got to pay the bills. >> that's right. that's right. jane, one final point, donald trump is now into it. the pop culture may follow him a little bit. he says thousands upon thousands of jobs. your reaction? >> you know, they keep on changing the number, but the reality is, and the state department's report confirmed that there would be 35 permit jobs. essentially you can build a shopping mall and have more short and long-term jobs in that shopping mall and that certainly wouldn't risk our water. it may risk my wallet as a parent. at upmc, we have the trained cowboy boots and dallas has on his moccasins. these are the shoes that are going to stop the pipeline. we have boots and moccasins on the ground. we have tremendous resolve to
2:45 pm
stop this pipeline. >> all right. it will be an interesting march on saturday. i'll be there to cover it for the "the ed show." thanks so much, jane klebb. and dallas. thank you. the solution to the hobby lobby debate. "pretenders" is next. stick around. [ crickets chirping ] but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? [ exhales deeply ] [ male announcer ] well there is biotene. specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants, biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. [ applause ] biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth. say "hi" rudy. [ barks ] [ chuckles ] i'd do anything to keep this guy happy and healthy. that's why i'm so excited about these new milk-bone brushing chews. whoa, i'm not the only one. it's a brilliant new way to take care of his teeth. clinically proven as effective as brushing.
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2:50 pm
and have them paid for, is that such a towering good that it would suffocate the rights of conscience? i don't think so but i hope the supreme court agrees. >> most catholics in82% say usel is morally acceptable. cardinal dolan, he doesn't get it. this issue goes far beyond birth control. the affordable health care act finally treats american women with equal coverage at equal cost and access, plus contraception coverage is not just about family planning. nearly 60% of women on birth control use it for medical reasons other than preventing pregnancy. more than half of women have had times where they could not afford these prescriptions. so if cardinal dolan thinks american women can get the best health care at the same place they buy slurpies and lottery tickets, he can keep on pretending. ay place
2:51 pm
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>> welcome back to "the ed show." this is a story for the folks who take a shower after work. just hours before a hearing about the failed union vote in kag noog go ahead, tennessee, the united auto workers withdrew their objections filed with the international labor relations board. in a surprise to many, this effectively ends the union's appeal. the uaw had filed its appeal
2:55 pm
after volkswagen worker rejected joining the uaw in a 712-626 vote back in february. the uaw argued the anti-union public statements by senator bob corker along with tennessee governor and other gop officials tainted the voting process. then there was this -- >> we obtained this summary from last august for what the administration called project trinity. marked confidential, it offers volkswagen some incentives of $3 million in exchange for full-time jobs. the catch? the insent is are subject to works council discussions being concluded to the satisfaction of the state of tennessee. >> democrats in the house have opened an inquiry into whether haslem's administration may have violated federal labor law trying to tie state incentives to the outcome of the vote. for more on this, let me bring
2:56 pm
in the president of the united auto workers, bob king. mr. king, good to have you with us tonight. this would certainly surprise a lot of people because of the reporting that had been done about the secret documents. explain what motivated your organization, the united auto workers to withdraw the objections. >> well, we've always been about what's best for the workers of cat noog go ahea chattanooga. we were convinced the best thing to do was to put this behind us. we were also greatly impacted by the fact that the nrb is not set up really to deal with outside interference. the framework and the rules are about employer behavior, employee behavior and union behavior. and there's not really effective remedies in the law for outside forces. so when congressman miller said they were going to open up an
2:57 pm
inquiry in congress about the inappropriate and maybe illegal activities of some of the elected leaders in tennessee, we thought that was a better format. we want to focus on how do we move forward in tennessee, how do we help support getting the new vehicle into the chattanooga plant. that's what drove this decision. >> so the lack of enforcement ability by the nlrb had a lot to do with this? and also the fact that congress, the democrats are inquiring about the activities surrounding this vote? well, okay, that's a decision obviously you made with the united auto workers. but doesn't on the flip side of this clear the way for all of these incentives now to come to place in the workers. in a statement, senator corker tried to paint the uaw objections as nothing more than a side show. corker also blamed your organizations, the united auto workers for the stalled and
2:58 pm
expansion conversations with volkswagen. what's your response to that? >> well, senator corker has made a number of statements that have not proven to be true. he told workers there would be a decision to put the vehicle in their in two weeks if they voted no. that wasn't true. we don't want to focus on that now. we think it's really important that the public understands how far senator corker and the governor went to interfere with the workers rights to choose representation. but i think we've proven that. i think the kwongsal inquiry will continue to show that. how do we work together now with volkswagen, with the works council, the union in germany. because we want the chattanooga plant to be successful. it needs a new product to be able to have the capacity to be a successful long-term viable facility. >> are you worried that this type of anti-union political interference is going to be the new template for fighting unions
2:59 pm
in this country? i mean, corker and haslem, very clear how they wanted this outcome. and now there's no ramification for what they did, injecting themselves into the process. >> well, what i hope the ramification is that the public in tennessee, citizens, and really the public around the world sees how outrageous the behavior of senator corker, governor haslem were. let's see what they do no uh. the ball is in their court. i hope that they immediately provide the incentives to volkswagen so the vehicle can be built here in tennessee. let's focus on that. let's see how they operate now and whether they're going to give volkswagen the insentivcen they promised a year ago. >> do you think there will ever be another vote again at the tennessee plant? >> we had a certified majority. yes, i think the workers will get a chance to have uaw representation in the future.
3:00 pm
>> all right, bob king, president of the united auto workers. good to have you with us. thanks so much for joining us. that's "the ed show." "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening to you. thanks for tuning in. tonight, democrats on the offensive, fighting for fairness. it's a vision that stands in direct contrast to a brutal republican budget that cuts from the poor. make no mistake, this is a battle that's more important than ever. a jars new study says that nearly 49 million americans like access to healthy food. 49 million. and what's worse, nearly a third are children. it's a nightmare being played out all over this country. >> right now, there are 30,000 ds


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